Privacy Policy

1. General

This privacy policy is set to explain how Aritma AS gather and use personal information on users of the Aritma Developer Portal. Aritma AS is the data controller for your use of the Aritma Developer Portal and can be contacted at This privacy policy is not intended to limit your legal rights as a data subject.

2. Legal basis for data processing

By accepting this privacy policy, you grant Aritma AS the right to process personal information as described below. Aritma AS does not intend to process special data categories as ethnical background, political points of view, religion, membership in unions, genetic data, biometric data to identify people, health information or information regarding sexual orientation.

3. How and which data is being gathered through use of the Aritma Developer Portal

Aritma AS may gather personal information

  1. through creation and use of your user profile at the Aritma Developer Portal
  2. by monitoring your use of the Aritma Developer Portal services

The Aritma Developer Portal does not currently use any third-party services.

By registering and using a user profile at the Aritma Developer Portal you give Aritma the right to process the following of your personal information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Company
  • Role
  • User created date
  • Latest activity
  • Sandbox information

4. Purpose of data processing

Aritma AS will process the above-mentioned information in order to

  1. give users access to the Aritma Developer Portal functionality
  2. improve the services of Aritma AS
  3. carry out our legally instructed obligations to you as a data subject

5. Retention period

Aritma AS will erase all personal information affiliated with your user whenever you delete your user profile. Deleting your profile can be done either from the "Personal data" tab under your profile or by sending an email to

6. Location of processing

Aritma AS uses processors outside the company’s country of origin. The subvendor’s processing of data on behalf of Aritma AS is done according to the following terms:

7. Distribution of personal data

Aritma AS will not share your information to any third-party services unless:

  • this is legally instructed, or
  • you as a user have accepted this explicitly

8. Your rights as a data subject

Right to access, change and erasing of personal information
Upon enquiry, Aritma AS will give you access to all the personal data associated with your user profile, unless these are accessible to you by other means.
If personal information is incorrect or misleading, you can enquire this to be corrected or deleted. As a registered user you have the right to access, change and erase your personal information through Aritma AS.

Right to data accessibility
You have the right to retrieve the personal information that Aritma has stored associated with you user profile in a structured and readable format and share this with any other actor without further consent from Aritma AS.

Right to complaint
You have the right to submit a complaint to a data protection authority if you think the processing of your personal information is in conflict with your rights.

Contact information
All questions regarding the rights above can be sent to

9. Renewal of privacy policy

Aritma AS may at any moment update their privacy policy through revision of this site. If major changes are made to how personal information is being processed in a renewed version, you will be asked to update your consent before you may continue using the Aritma Developer Portal.